Monday, 27 August 2012

giveaway time!

We did it! (again!)

My third target of 500 fans on the Facebook page has been SMASHED!!! Next stop - word domination! ...Or I would settle for some more fans...  Either way we are past the 600 mark already, which is fantastic! I would like to say thank you to everyone who supports my little venture, but as I can't give each of you a prize for being the best fans ever, I would like to give each of you a chance to win in my latest giveaway :D

Now, here's the important bit - the prize!   
You could win this smartphone case!

It is made from lovely soft navy and pink felt, with fabric detail, and is (as I am still petrified of any other function than straight stitch on my sewing machine!) entirely hand sewn.  There is a button fastening to keep your phone in place, and it is nice and thick to prevent pesky scratches and hopefully absorb a lot of shock if you were to drop your device :)

The next bit of important information is how you can be a winner!
All you need to do is comment below telling me who you'd most like to have a natter with - it could be anyone!  You might also like to share this competition with your friends, tell the world!

I think if I could call anyone, it would be the bakers at a certain biscuit company - I would have to yell at them to tell them to make their products much less tasty as I have consumed *at least* my own weight in HobNobs and Gingernuts this week! 

The giveaway will close on the evening of Monday 3rd September, the winner will be announced here on the blog, and they will have a week to get in touch to claim their prize before I will redraw :)

Good Luck!

Monday, 13 August 2012

it's been a while...

It's felt like an age since my last blog post, or even my last Facebook post!   I have not quite dropped off the face of the planet, rather I have been taking some time out - the last few months have been rather hectic with a zillion craft fairs, and due to the nature of my craft - it does take rather a long time to restock, meaning I have had a grand total of maybe 2 days off in months!  Not that I'm complaining - I love what I do! 

So in my 'holiday' there was my birthday - where I was treated to a myriad of handmade goodies... here are just a few:

 We went crabbing on the Barbican and caught a very angry one armed crab who attacked my boots!

And best of all, I had a lovely visit from a good friend who lives too far away :)

We also took a short trip to Weston Super Mere where it rained an awful lot and I had NO internet?! Can you imagine?! We took walks on the beach with some family, spent way too much time on the 2p machines in the arcades, and watched a lot of the Olympics when it was too wet to do anything.

All in all, a very relaxing time! Which means I am now back to the grindstone, and after old Mr. Elna breaking on me, I now have a shiny new sewing machine to enjoy working with (once I get over how terrifyingly hi-tech it is!) - meet Fritz!

I have LOTS to catch up with, so I shall put the kettle on and get to it!