Friday, 4 May 2012

our first outing

Last night I had my first EVER outing as heartstitch!  We packed our bags full of goodies, and set off on the mammoth journey (just down the hill) to Jack Chams bar for the Give Up Your Day Job DIY market.

We got there nice and early, which is unusual for me, and was rather a surprise considering I'd spent the afternoon running around like a headless chicken making sure I had everything ready and trying to make a new product for the range (more news later).  The sun was still out and I sorted my stall, while the other half had a cheeky beer, there was even time to draw up a couple more cards before people started arriving.  Please excuse awful photos - I had taken the camera, but, Sods Law, it had completely run out of battery.  So these were taken on my phone.

We were quite pleased with the set up, and we loved how well the wishing tree from Daisymoon Designs worked with the keyrings and hanging items.  Also, you can just see under the table my awesome trader pouch from Doodle Embroidery  - this was SO useful to keep all my bits and bobs in.

While it was quiet, I had a little poke around the other stalls...

Right next to us was a little table full of the cutest Vegan cupcakes made by two lovely ladies.  I'm not Vegan myself (I love steak and butter far too much!) but they were hugely popular.  There were strawberry and chocolate cakes, lemon, blueberry, but my personal favourite was the chocolate DIY or Die! 

Across the room was the fabulous No Guts No Glory who had come all the way from Exeter with their unbelievable collection of prints, cards, zines and t-shirts.  

The super friendly team here run a super cute shop in McCoys Arcade in Exeter, so if you're local I would definitely recommend popping in to their shop to have a  good nosey about!  They also run a monthly 'Handmade Arcade' indie street market on the first Saturday of every month, showcasing local talent - I'm hoping to make a trip there tomorrow, and maybe take my little stall there one month! 

I spent far too much time here, mostly ogling the beautiful prints that I immediately recognised as being the work of the too-good-at-what-she-does Sandra Dieckmann.  She is, quite frankly, my favourite illustrator at the moment, and while I was tempted to buy one of her prints, I opted for this quirky badger - a right gentleman!  Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the artist (I can't read half of the signature on the back!) but her name is Bethan something and if anyone knows where I can find more of her work I would be eternally grateful! 

Next to NGNG was Art and Soul Tattoo, selling the most gorgeous prints and tattoo related things - I don't have any myself (I can't think of anything I'd want on my body permanently!) but do love the style.  There were some beautiful Victorian-esque portraits just out of shot, and we love the display flowers.  

Down the other end of the bar was the delightful Lize Meddings - she created the poster for the event and had some super cute prints, both digital and screen printed.  She's a lovely young lady and super talented too, with a unique style that I adore!

And last but not least are Alt Street and White Elephant.   I really apologise for this awful photo - it really doesn't do them any justice! 
Alt Street produce conscience friendly organic hand printed clothing - it really is very clever and they have some rad designs - do check out their website for better pictures! 
White Elephant is run by multi-talented Steve Strong  - not only does he team up with brilliant illustrators to make these super t-shirts and hoodies, but you may have seen me link his most recent music video (featuring the mister!) -  you can find his music page here.

As the evening drew to a close, the mister found (what he thought to be) an ingenious use for my mug hugs...

All in all it was a great night, and the best news is it will be a monthly event!  I loved meeting existing customers, and was very happy to meet some new ones.  Very excited about or next craft fair which will be in Osmington, Dorset on the 19th of May.  More details to come soon!

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  1. It all looks amazing Elli! your stall looks great and a nice mix of different crafts at the event.

    Vegan cupcakes look really good too. :)